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Tips for New Students

If you are in need of finding teachers and studios in your area, you have come to the right place.
1) go to the homepage and click on your state.
2) Locate your city.
3) Fill out the form and click submit

Here is what will happen next:
1) Drawing from our large database of students and teachers, we will contact them to let ththem know you are interested.
2) We will not share your email address with them.
3) They will reply to you using this site letting you know what they offer.
4) We may also email a list of teachers and studios to you, especially if we are not able to email the teacher or student directly.

All information you submit will be used to help you find dance instruction, and will not be shared studios and instructors.

This is a free service that has already helped 100's of people find quality dance instruction. Thank you for your support!

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